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Potato dish with rice

Potato dish with rice

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Posted by antici_gabytza in Vegetable Food
20 Aug 2011 | 14898 views

Posted by mihaelar63

Mushrooms are cleaned of stalks and pellets. Mushrooms are greased or sprayed with olive oil with a brush. If you don't have a brush at hand ...

Posted by Irina

I really like pasta. I also really like vegetables, so I made a combination of them. I guarantee you that something special came out. I used thinner spaghetti, some that boil ...

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on 20.08.2011, 10:03

on 20.08.2011, 10:20
very good

on 20.08.2011, 11:53

on 20.08.2011, 15:43
I like it juicy, but next time, put 2-3 tablespoons of tomatoes, right? for a color, pffffffffffffff, to kill enemies (will not be sharp at all)

on 21.08.2011, 15:22
potatoes with rice ??? I have never heard of this combination, except in pots, where there are more

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