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Weekly Chef and Menu Report: The Week of January 6, 2014

Weekly Chef and Menu Report: The Week of January 6, 2014

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Every week, we take a look at some new chefs and menus that have appeared across the country. Here’s this week’s roundup:

To help customers stick to their resolutions this year, Boston Market is offering a "Meals Under 550 Calories" menu, containing more than 100 options, from the market’s signature rotisserie chicken to the restaurant’s popular Market Bowls, according to a press release.

Panera Bread introduced new items to its menu, including Mediterranean couscous salad, all-natural turkey chili, power chicken, and a low-fat power smoothie, according to a press release.

SONIC Drive-In introduced two new menu items: the Salsa Verde Breakfast Burrito and the Salsa Verde Breakfast Toaster. These items, which are available for a limited time only, are made with salsa verde and 100 percent all-natural, fresh avocado from Wholly Guacamole.

New York City

In honor of the Lunar New Year falling on Jan. 31, Rasa in Greenwich Village will begin offering Lunar New Year specials from Jan. 16 until Feb. 9, according to a press release. One special will be a dish called Yu Sheng, which is only served in Malaysia and Singapore during Lunar New Year. The dish will be offered in two portions, a medium size for four people at $18 and a large size for six people at $28. Also offered is a Lunar New Year prix fixe menu, which will feature traditional Malaysian comfort foods in a three-course meal, for $20.88. $1 from each Yu Sheng dish sold and $1 from each prix fixe menu sold will be donated to City Harvest.

Chef David Burke’s restaurants (David Burke Kitchen and Fishtail) will be serving a special four-course menu celebrating artichoke for $59 per person, according to a press release. The Artichoke Week menu features Strangle & Choke with Strozzapreti artichoke Bolognese, salmon with artichoke and chorizo Benedict, lamb shank with artichoke and tomato couscous, grilled chicken with artichoke barigoule, spiced pear and almond cake with artichoke-lemon ice cream and bell pepper caramel, and artichoke tea crème brûlée.

During the Golden Globes, 100 Montaditos in Greenwich Village will be hosting a viewing party with multiple large TV screens and will offer Golden Globes specials in honor of the show’s hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, according to a press release. The specials include the "Tina," a platter containing six of the restaurant’s most popular montaditos, the "Amy," an all-vegetarian platter highlighting six of Montaditos’ tastiest meatless options, and the "Liz Lemon Sangria," a refreshing blend of red wine and lemon-lime soda. All specials are available to-go.

East Village’s North River introduced a brunch menu featuring items such as brioche French toast with bourbon, orange, and whipped cream, a spicy chicken sandwich, and a breakfast casserole with ham, egg, and arugula, according to a press release. The restaurant also launched a happy hour that goes until 8 p.m.

St. Louis

Four-time James Beard-nominated chef Gerard Craft in St. Louis is teaming up with Memphis chefs Michael Hudman and Andy Ticer of Hog & Hominy for his quarterly guest chef series called Pizza Takeover, according to a press release. He invites chefs who have a passion for pizza to his Pastaria restaurant, which will be offering a one-night-only menu on Jan. 15 with creations from the guest chefs.

We’re always looking for tips about new chefs and seasonal menus, so if you think there are any that we missed, let us know!

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20 Weeks of (different!) Lightened-Up (Healthy!) Dinners.

Since you may be in massive dinner planning mode with the new year, I wanted to share a ton of my favorite meals. These are the meals that we constantly eat for dinner – the ones on permanent rotation. These are what I consider some of my favorite healthier meals – the meals that we go to when salad and chicken are just way too boring. For me, healthy dinners can still include things like moderate amounts of cheese and brown brown and heck, even a little bacon every now and then. If those don’t jive with you, feel free to leave them out, swap them for something else or just use this list as some general inspiration for the new year. I didn’t include anything extra super cheesy… but a little here and there? YES.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to really plan our meals in advance and be prepared ahead of time with LOTS of variety. That’s what keeps us excited. I hope to carry it over into the new year so we don’t end up eating something for dinner that I really prepped at 10AM for photography purposes.

Feel free to share any of your go-to dinner ideas in the comments below. I’m alllll about new and exciting dinners.

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52 Comments on &ldquo20 Weeks of (different!) Lightened-Up (Healthy!) Dinners.&rdquo

I love all these recipes! Unfortunately, I think I may have made the same thing twice only 1 time in the 1 year that I have been married….I’m always to busy creating new recipes and don’t have enough days in a week to make ones we have already had before. So sad, because some of them my face would like to taste again! All of these look like must-tries though, thank you for the inspiration! :) Happy New Year!

Wow, that’s a lot of reading and I will enjoy every minute of it! Happy New Years to you Jessica!!

OMG! So many amazing recipes! I could spend the entire day pinning them : ) Happy 2014!

Well, this list just saved my life in 2014. Thank you, thank you! :)

This is awesome. One of my new years resolutions is to make a new recipe each week, so this certainly helps. Thanks!!

I’m bookmarking this post for permanent reference…there are so many fantastic ideas here! That toasted sesame ginger salmon is now on tonight’s menu.

So many recipes! Lots to choose from & lots of variety — thanks!

Whoaaaaa organization!! This is so fun!

One of my new year resolutions is to master a new home cooked meal – this post will serve as great inspiration!

Great ideas and it’s nice to see what you make and eat on the regular. And I think being prepared and organized is the key. For budgets (b/c going to the groc store every day b/c I forgot 1 thing ends up to 10 things, replayed over and over every week) and then time mgmt and then as you said, to avoid the 10am photography shoot dinner. Yeah. I hear that!

What a great list of recipes! I am trying to get back on track with meal planning and eating healthy after the holidays and I am totally going to use this for inspiration!

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Guess my dinner planning is done. Thank you!

I made your toasted gnocchi with scallions and corn last night and it was so delicious! Thank you for making my NYE scrumptious!

What a great round up of recipes! Perfect for a healthy New Year!

SUCH an amazing list! Pinning!

Yay! I’ll definitely be referring to this over the next few weeks :) Happy New Year!

I just made the Reset Button Salad from Shutterbean and Sausage, Kale, and Black Eyed Pea Soup from Bev Cooks. Both healthy and delicious! And bonus! – The beets in the salad turned my hands bright pink so that’s a dream come true.

Happy new year, lovely lady. Those meals are wonderful, and perhaps you included this, but never discount a good ole slice of toast with mashed avocado on top!! YUM

One of my favorites that my mom used to make that is super simple is Sausage, Peppers, Apples and Onions. I always have a package or 2 of Polsa Kielbasa in the freezer for whenever I need something simple, quick and delicious.

I package Polsa Kielbasa or other smoked sausage sliced into rounds
1 large green or red bell pepper (or 1 small one of each color) chopped
1 large onion chopped
2 small red or green apples chopped

In a large skillet over Med heat, brown the sausage. Add the green pepper and saute covered (I like to use a glass lid so I can still see the contents) for a couple minutes adding water to create a bit of steam as needed (shouldn’t need more than 1/4 cup). Add the onion and saute for a couple more minutes. Add the apples and saute until just soft. Remove the lid for the last couple of minutes to let excess moisture evaporate. Serve over brown or white rice with a salad on the side.

I’m bookmarking this post as you have made our dinner planning so easy! Thank you!

THANK YOU! Love the recipes…I am now able to make our meals way more interesting, with ingredients I regularly buy!. I can’t wait to make Thai Crunch Chicken Salad, Homemade Healthy Fish Sticks, Thai Beef Tacos and all the enchiladas!

Such good recipes!
Thanks for sharing, it’s a good way to eat clean and still have food that taste good.

Well this is absolutely amazing. Thank you Jess!

Hi, just curious what recipe is pictured in the second group of pictures, the one with the green onions on the top? Everything looks amazing!

I love seeing some of your recipes collected in a list like this. I’ll be making a few of these during my last week of break, since we’re all sweets-ed out in my house!

This will be a dinner reference for me from now on, thank youuuu!! Happy 2014!!

Hi Jessica, Thanks for all of the recipes! When is your cookbook coming out?
Happy New Year! Thanks, Kim

Can you just come and cook these for me? kthanksbye (happy new year! ♥)

You and your website are amazing and make my meal planning so much easier than it used to be. Thank you! (My husband thanks you too.)

Great list!! Pinning this for the future.

This year starts with the wide variety of dinner recipes.. Thanks for sharing it.. I don’t have to think for my dinner recipe for the next 20 weeks…

This is like, the best post I have ever come across. Thanks for sharing!

what’s the recipe for the very first picture in this post? the item in the little white bowls with the white sauce on top. thanks!

I think it is the three bean chili pot pies! I wondered the exact same thing and hunted it down!

So many great recipes! I love it when you can take a solid protein in one meal and roll it into a couple different meals. Happy New Year.

Wowzer! What an epic list. Only got about 10 recipes deep before I started drooling. Have bookmarked a bunch. Thanks!

Thank you for this post Jess! It has been so handy for us and has really livened up our weeknight dinners. This week we are looking forward to trying your Cream Tomato Chicken Bake.. yum!

Holy shiz, this is an amazing list – thank you so much for sharing it! Can’t wait to start trying these :)

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